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Climbing Big Ben

The secrets to delegation and making it work for you, and how to work on your business, not in your business.

Harry Sardinas is a successful entrepreneur and he will teach you how to leverage the power of your team with the help of multitasking teams.

He has a lot of experience coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners. He has spent hours and hours of study and he has tried and tested the best methods that work in business.

He is now willing to share his secrets for becoming so successful, in his limited edition DVDs.

He will not only share his years of knowledge and experience but also his failures.


London is a fantastic but fiercely competitive place to live, work and succeed in. The job market is always looking for the best and most talented people. Why is it that some people succeed in London and others struggle to make ends meet? Find out strategies and solutions for achieving success and making the best of the opportunities London has to offer. Learn how to overcome the barriers to landing your dream job, manage your time and money effectively and create a sustainable business that will turn you into a massive financial success.

You can finally break the cycle of endless hours of work, spinning your wheels in the vicious circle of the rat race. You can finally end the worry over not being able to make it until the end of the month or live from paycheque to paycheque. You will see the power of the strategies for becoming a huge success in all areas of your life. This is a powerful system for reinventing yourself and using your skills to obtain fantastic results with small incremental changes in your behaviour, attitude and actions. In these pages you will uncover…
  • How to prepare your mind for success
  • How to find your first job in London
  • Innovating methods for rapid learning
  • First steps to starting your own business
  • Ways to find your dream job
  • Secrets to manage your time and money
  • Techniques to market your business and manage people
  • How to grow your business and make it sustainable
  • How to achieve more with emotional balance
  • How to share your knowledge for greater prosperity

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Climbing Big Ben is an amazing book, because it gives hands – on, practical advice about how to succeed in London ‘s competitive marketplace. It is a must – read!

Itay Avni 
Author of The Big Payoff

Harry Sardinas is a perfect example of someone who succeeded when all the odds were against him. Climbing Big Ben guides people who want to get out of the rat race and enter the big money Game.

Jean-Guy Francoeur 
Author of Messy Manager

This book is based on proven and tested principles. It gives you a blueprint for success and provides a common sense manual to everyone who wants to change his or her situation and find the path to financial freedom!

Karen Grant 
Author of The Million Dollar Image

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Only £ 44